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About Drico

Drico (Henrico Ligthart) born 1986 in Groningen. The Netherlands loved music all his life. Growing up with his parents love for: Soul, Jazz, Blues and Country music, he connected with music right away. Drico discovered hip-hop and in 2001 he grabbed his pen and paper and started writing lyrics. He discovered he could really tell his story and used it as a form of self therapy. A way to escape daily life. It soon became his passion and after a while he started creating beats. Drico wanted to try a lot in music and  started experimenting with making beats for himself, but soon started producing for other rappers as well.

He build his first home studio at his parents farmhouse, called it ‘De hiphopboerderij’ (The hiphopfarm) and started recording tracks with friends. At that time at was more exploring, but they thought they made the craziest shit. Drico soon met others like: DjSadhu, Burnmark and Benedictus. All these guys had the same mindset. They just wanted to create something dope and be creative. At the time Drico and Benedictus formed a group called the HG. They made a lot of music and that resulted in Drico’s first solo album ‘Licht en duisternis’ in 2009.

The feeling that things were about to start was there, but Drico got caught in a downward spiral of depression and family problems and lost his connection with the music. After a few years of feeling lost, the urge to make music returned and he got back on track. This time the focus was more on making beats, mixing and mastering tracks. Soon he produced tracks for names like Mongoose, Kraantje Pappie, Mulu and Rum & Skunk.

In 2014 he started his own recording studio named Dynamix Studio in Haren, Groningen. He also got back on the mic and got even more hungry than before. In 2015 he released his Skyhigh EP with producer Chris Lock. He recorded projects with Mr. Memoir, Celtjo, Primetech and Victor Fataal and thought about the possibilities of putting all that creativity out there. The idea of starting a label past a few times but now for the first time surrounded by a great team of people.

So this year he started the label 9th Cube. With a good team and some real dope artist they’re about to release a lot of heat on the scene. All the 9th Cube artist: Mr. Memoir, Celtjo, Primetech, Victor Fataal and Drico himself will drop a project this year. Drico is working on a new EP with DjSadhu called ‘Wat is rijkdom’(What is wealth) and working on a lot of other projects.

Drico & DjSadhu - Wat is rijkdom?

Drico - Skyhigh EP