About Victor Fataal

Victor Fataal

follow link At a young age, sometime in late 1986 Victor heard the debut album “License to Ill” by the Beastie Boys, and at that moment something happened in his head …

It clicked …

Hip-hop has never left him since then. In an insatiable appetite for new music and fascinated by rhythms, puns and rhyme patterns he decided to start writing lyrics. This happened in his room and under the strict supervision of himself.

Because he mostly wrote about personal and dark subjects and experiences he did not feel the need to share this with other people and almost everything stayed in his personal safe environment.

Years passed, but the passion for rap as an art form and hip-hop as a whole remained. But there was also something that changed … Victor was done waiting and wanted his voice to be heard.

Together with friends, he started recording tracks and freestyle sessions for fun. The subjects were becoming more balanced and everything started to go more organically. In this process he came across more and more people who we’re into hip-hop in a serious way and eventually the creativity could not be contained and shortly after meeting Drico and the building of his new studio he decided to unleash the beast.

And now that it’s out…. It won’t stop….